Madison Sylura Muhammad aka Madison Sylura; The Supersonic Sparkle Girl has lived her young life between NYC, Atlanta and Charlotte. Though she has family in NYC and friends in ATL, she calls Charlotte her home. Madison got started rapping when she was only nine years old, she’s seventeen now. 

Madison Sylura is a proud Hebrew Israelite that lets her light shine through her blazing tracks layered with lyrical bars.

Highly accomplished, urban music executive, manager, producer Jo Jo Brim said “she’s a special hip hop artist who’s mastered meaningful lyrical content while using catchy flows over hot Southern beats and urban pop beats”.

Naomi Entertainment released her debut single, Supersonic Sparkle Girl in 2018. It was well received on music blogs, in social media and at streaming platforms. Riding the momentum of that single, she's dropped Reala Den in the Fall of 2019 and then the Jamaican-flavored If You Know featuring Reggae artist Kyrk in 2020.

Madison is currently promoting her inspiring and empowering single, the teen/tween girl anthem, Minivan Rollin'

In addition to videos, a social media campaign and radio promotions, Naomi Entertainment is putting Madison Sylura on the road for her first promotional tour. She’s going to be at malls, amusement parks, fairs, carnivals, middle schools and opening up for established teen acts throughout the United States. She’ll also be visiting sick children in hospitals, as well as incarcerated youth in detention centers, with her positive vibes of hope and inspiration. 

Madison has grown up around media, marketing and entertainment. Both of her parents are professional marketers. Her father even had his own weekly TV talk show in NYC. Madison has been exposed to the business since she was a toddler. She’s also taken tap, jazz, ballet and hip hop dance since she was a kindergartener. Madison plans to become a positive, artistic force within the entertainment industry. 

She's been recording with J. Stylz of the legendary R&B group, BLACKSTREET. “Madison Sylura is talented beyond her years in the craft of rapping, recording and performing, she’ll go a long way in the entertainment industry”, says BLACKSTREET songwriter/member J Stylz. 

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